HTTP-Tunnel Client

HTTP-Tunnel Client 4.4

An application that masks application data as HTTP traffic to bypass firewalls
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HTTP-Tunnel Client is an application developed by HTTP Tunnel Corporation. This application allows users to bypass firewall programs. The program manages to do so by masking all traffic as http traffic. Most firewall programs allow http traffic to pass, but at the same time those firewall programs do not pass application-related traffic. In other words, this program creates a tunnel with a mediator server, so that when information passes from the mediator server to a remote host it is converted to application-related traffic. At the same time, for the remote host this information looks like it is coming from a mediator server. This program uses encryption to provide security for the traffic it masks.
The application has a user-friendly interface, but at the same time it may take some before you understand how this program works (especially if you are not experienced in this area of computer technologies). This application is free, but developers offer you to buy a subscription key, which will improve some features of the program.

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